Late Fee:1.5% of the unpaid balance each month will be added to your bill.

Facility Charge: $35.00

Energy Charge:

  • First 300 KWH @ 8.5¢/KWH
  • Next 700 KWH @ 7.5¢/KWH
  • Over 1000 KWH @ 5.2¢/KWH

Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)

In January 2007, Your Cooperative instituted a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) as a way to adjust its rates to reflect the changes in the cost of the power it purchases from L & O Power Cooperative (L & O). L & O purchases bulk power from the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Basin Electric).  The first PCA was included on the March 2007 bills.

The PCA rates for 2024 have been calculated. The 2024 PCA rate for regular energy will be $0.04304 per kWh compared to the 2023 PCA of $0.03911 per kWh. The farm and residential rate cost for 1,000 kWh will be $3.93 more in 2024 over 2023 costs. The Base Year or year this calculation is based on was 2006.

The PCA rate for dual fuel and electric heat will be $0.0153 per kWh compared to the 2023 PCA of $0.0143 per kWh.  The dual fuel and electric heat rate cost for 1,000 kWh will be $1.00 more in 2024 over 2023 costs.  The Base Year is 2006.

The 2022 PCA rate for energy used in the Casino Resort rate will be $0.01635 compared to the 2023 PCA of $0.01533.  The cost for 1,000 kWh will be $1.02 more in 2024 over 2023 costs. The Base Year is 2010.

Additionally, a correction factor or true up will be included to account for the difference between the estimated and actual cost of Energy Efficiency Programs for the previous year.

The EEAC for 2022 is:

  • Farm and Residential Members - 1.05% of Total Revenue
  • Small and Large Commercial Members - 0.00% of Total Revenue
  • Electric Heat / Dual Fuel - 1.05% of Total Revenue
  • Public Buildings - 0.00% of Total Revenue
  • Casino Resort - 0.00% of Total Revenue

What if You Didn't Get a Bill?

Occasionally members report that they did not receive their electric bill, or they have misplaced it. Should this happen to you, please contact our office and we will tell you the amount due or send you a duplicate bill.

Failure to receive a bill does not relieve one of the responsibility of paying on time. Meters are read on the 1st of the month and billing statements are printed and mailed on or before the 10th of each month. If you have not received a statement by the 15th of the month be sure to give us a call.

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