You will need to stop into the Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative office to fill out membership papers. We require a copy of your driver's license at that time. Please be sure to bring a valid/current drivers license with you.

If there is an error on any correspondence(s) you receive from the Cooperative please let us know the corrections that need to be made and to which correspondence(s) you need the correction made to.

Address Changes/Corrections Form

If you need to provide a credit reference to Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative, please use the form below.

Credit Reference Request Form

If you will be moving and will need to have your current electric service changed to another person you need to notify us 30 days in advance. You, the member remain responsible for the usage on this account until you either notify us requesting that electrical service be shut off or a new tenant/landowner becomes responsible for the electric service provided on the account. Please call or stop by our office to complete the paperwork for member moves.

If you are looking to remove electric service completely at any location currently owned by you then you will need to fill out and mail in the following form. Please note that this completely removes electric services to the location and if the member decides to put in a new electrical service in the future it will be done at the members expense.

Service Removal Request Form

The forms on this page may require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. Go to to download the free plug-in.