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Marathon Water Heaters

Marathon Water Heaters

Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative is selling the Marathon water heater. Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative has rebates for installing electric water heaters in your home.

Load Control for Water Heaters

We do install load control devices on your water heater to shut off during peak times. We currently allow a monthly credit for having a water heater under load control. If you have any questions on load control, please contact us.

Lyon REC pricing beginning February 1, 2020

Base Price:

  • 50 Gallon     $  973.70
  • 85 Gallon     $1,348.20
  • 105 Gallon   $1,498.00

Price After Load Control Rebate:

  • 85 Gallon     $1,148.20
  • 105 Gallon   $1,298.00

Price for New Construction or Gas Replacement:

**Requires Load Control.

  • 50 Gallon     $973.70
  • 85 Gallon     $   0.00 
  • 105 Gallon   $149.80

Note: These products and prices are available to members only. Prices include tax. Contact your REC for additional information.